We’ve Got You Covered

RV Offgrid Solutions prides itself on offering top-tier products and services for all your off-grid power needs and is dedicated to providing tailored solutions to ensure that your off-grid experience is seamless and enjoyable.

If you are looking for a power solution for your off the grid experience whether it is for a caravan, motorhome, 4WD, canopy or just a weekend SUV RV Offgrid Solutions can help!

From the supply of individual components, batteries, chargers, inverters, solar systems cable and accessories through to systems to power your air conditioner through those extended periods off the grid and away from power we’ve got you covered with guaranteed top-notch quality and reliability in every product we offer. We can also supply and install diesel heaters, Bushman fridges and Frontrunner roof racks and other off the grid products.

We cater for the highest products only and are authorised installers and stockists for Victron, Enerdrive and PowerPaul custom made lithium batteries. Email us or Call us today to discuss your off-grid requirements and let us help elevate your outdoor adventures to the next level.

Enerdrive Power Systems

If you’re looking for power solutions for remote and off-grid applications Enerdrive is definitely the answer. This Australian company supplies power solutions for Caravans and RVs that visit remote locations and require off-grid power.

We have a range of pre-assembled power systems to suit all types of budgets, from an entry level Explorer system for running a fridge and a couple of lights, to a full on powerhouse system like The Adventurer.

Battery Monitors

 Enerdrive and Victron Battery Monitors use high performance measuring circuits, along with complex software algorithms to display the exact state of the remaining battery capacity.
This advanced battery monitor not only shows the true state of charge of your battery system. It also offers a large amount of additional features to optimally supervise your battery system and control external equipment.

Battery Monitor
Victron Battery Monitors BMV-700_SOC
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PowerPaul Customs

PowerPaul Custom Lithium Batteries are all completely hand made by a small team in Melbourne Australia. Every battery is assembled, programmed, and fully tested at multiple stages throughout its production cycle.

This is a battery that’s affordable yet still top of its class for building an Off-Grid capable system. It’s designed specifically to be able to run a 3000w inverter at full load, from a single battery. There’s no need to run multiple batteries any more.

Power Inverters

Victron Multi Plus II
Enerdrive Inverter
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A caravan inverter converts DC power (direct current) from your 12V battery system into AC power (alternating current) so you can run all sorts of 240V appliances such as your laptop, coffee machine and other 240V appliances when you’re on the road.

Ipswich RV Services sell and install the range of quality Enerdrive and Victron Inverters and can recommend one that will suffice your requirements.

Victron Solar

Ipswich RV Services can supply and install a quality Victron solar system on your RV or caravan.

Solar panels can be utilized to extend the battery run time powering your range of accessories during inclement weather conditions. We can also provide advice on the best solar panel fit for your RV or caravan. Learn More – Download the Victron Brochure.

Diesel Heaters

Diesel Heating (DHQ) is an Ipswich based business that forms part of Ipswich RV Services and specialises in the supply and installation of high quality brand diesel heaters either air or water or DH Hydronic which is a combined air and hot water system to ensure the best possible performance options for customers. We are currently a distributor for both Belief and Eberspacher brands which are perfect when travelling during the cooler months.

Bushman Fridges

Ipswich RV Services are proud Service Agents and Stockist for Bushman Portable and Upright Fridges. An Australian-owned company, their range is incredible, and their products are all impressively efficient allowing reliable preservation of food and drinks when travelling and camping off the grid. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Bushman Fridges, and look forward to installing and servicing your Bushman Fridge when needed.

Front Runner Roof Racks

Frontrunner are suppliers of a comprehensive range of products for off the grid camping including roof racks for carrying additional fuel containers and other equipment such as water tanks, tents etc. Ipswich RV Services are an authorised dealer and stock a large range of Frontrunner products and accessories that can be purchased for the DIY or installed in our modern workshop.

Expert Installation Service

RV Offgrid Solutions can install any of our top quality off the grid products within our modern, well-equipped workshop ensuring that your purchase will be expertly installed by qualified technicians. Feel free to contact us using our contact form or Phone 0419 929 030 with any inquiries – we are always happy to help.


Caravan Movers

Quattro Titanium is Australia’s best-value caravan mover, combining a simple over-centre engager with the same high-torque motors used with all Quattro movers.

Powerful motors and precision-cut gears move your caravan safely and surely over loose and sloping surfaces and protect against slipping or rolling backwards.

As with all Quattro movers, the Quattro Titanium comes with all the required fittings, cables and instructions for DIY or professional installation, and is covered by a 2-year no quibble warranty.

Carafan Dust Free

The CaraFan Sahara CP700 Caravan Pressuriser unit keeps your caravan DUST FREE! Designed and tested for Australian conditions, the CP700 Pressuriser creates a POSITIVE pressure inside your caravan whilst driving to keep dust out without blocking ventilation points!

Enjoy less maintenance and cleaning, reduce allergies brought on by dust, safeguard your electronics by keeping dust out, protect your equipment and caravan.