Arrive at your destination with a DUST-FREE CARAVAN!

CaraFan Sahara Pressurise Distributor

The CaraFan Sahara CP700 Caravan Pressuriser unit keeps your caravan … DUST FREE!

Designed and tested for Australian conditions, the CP700 Pressuriser creates a POSITIVE pressure inside your caravan whilst driving to keep dust out!!

Features and Benefits:

  • Keep dust out without blocking ventilation points
  • Enjoy less maintenance and cleaning
  • Reduce allergies brought on by dust
  • Safeguard your electronics by keeping dust out
  • Protect your equipment and caravan
  • Peace of mind that your protected from dust


  • Capacity: Pressurises caravans up to 27-foot
  • Filtration Level: Refined Filtration using Panel Filter Amp Draw: 6 amps at 12 volts
  • Mounting: Unit can be direct mounted (new hole cut) or mounted into existing vent
  • Operation: Unit should be wired to be in operations whilst driving.
  • External Dimensions: 675mm x 525 mm external. Maximum height of 110mm
  • Internal Dimensions: 355mm x 355mm
  • External Colour: White (other colours available – price will vary)
  • Material: Lightweight and Durable Aluminium (powder coated)