RV Offgrid Solutions a business unit of Ipswich RV Services welcomes PowerPaul Australia (PPA) custom lithium batteries to our fold. Paul, the owner, brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail to his products.

PowerPaul Batteries are handmade and assembled by a small team in Melbourne, with approximately 95% of components sourced from local Australian based suppliers.

Every battery is calibrated, load tested and fully cycled at least twice to confirm and rate its capacity and quality. Each battery has its tested Ah capacity clearly displayed on its label.

Whether it’s a Mercury, Scout or Cub Scout they are all based on a reliable 250A continuous discharge rated BMS, Bluetooth communication, an on/off/SOC display, and 5A active balancer to maintain performance. PPA batteries carry a 6 year fair use warranty, with up to 6000, 100% DOD the average user should see on average 10 years of usage when following good practice charge/discharge procedures.

These batteries will accept charge rates of up to 150A, with a constant 125A. All the batteries will run a 3000VA inverter with ease. In fact, this was one of the first design criteria Paul wanted when he set out on this adventure to create a battery that would fulfil his own off-grid needs.

All PowerPaul batteries can be Paralleled, but not series connected and must be DCDC charge controlled. Suggested charge voltage is by LifeP04 charger only. Bulk/absorption 14.4v (14.0v to 14.6v range), float 13.5v to 13.8v – more information on the PowerPaul Australia Facebook Page.

Good News!!

Customers can purchase our very own orange custom branded PPA batteries directly from Ipswich RV! How custom is that! Blue branded PPA batteries are also available at our store (avoiding those ever-increasing courier costs!)

So, come on in to Ipswich RV and we will gladly discuss all of your alternative power solution requirements and needs, advise on installation possibilities; show casing leading products from Victron, Enerdrive and PPA, and even do your custom installation professionally for you.

We look forward to bringing your off-grid dreams to reality!

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Please Note: We currently do not freight out, local pick up only.

Models and specifications:

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Paul has customised our own batteries with a distinctive orange theme, with our logo and details … how custom is that!

Photo shows the Cub Scout, Scout and Mercury pre-production.

Battery Trays to suit PowerPaul Australia Batteries. Finally arrived!

Each tray is made from 1.5mm thick powder coated steel. It has 4 mounting holes in the base. There’s a 5mm thick EVA foam pad for the base that is not attached, but has a sticky base ready to put in place. The sides are lined with 3mm EVA foam to prevent scuffing or rattling. The trays are a good loose fit to allow various different ways of feeding the strap through the slots.

It also comes with a 1.5m buckle type strap that allows you to tie it down in any orientation. The remainder of the tie can then be bundled and cable tied in place or you can trim it to length if you prefer (always seal the trimmed end with heat).

The sides are 25mm tall which is plenty to prevent movement (in line with coming regulations), but also short enough to allow easy manoeuvring of the battery into place in tight spots.

The Scout tray has 3 slots along the long side so you can position the strap to keep the label and screen visible if you want. The Cub Scout tray has slots centrally located.

Scout tray external dimensions – 350 x 192 x 25mm. Cub Scout Tray external dimensions – 335 x 180 x 25mm.