Bushman XCD185 Fridge

185L Upright Gas Fridge – LPG / 240V

Available in White or Black



Product Description

Choose Australia’s highest rated LPG Gas fridge for the most reliable and efficient off-grid refrigeration.

With over 40 years experience selling gas fridges in Australia, no-one knows gas fridges like Bushman.

Perfect for off-grid living, farms, holiday houses and longer term camping. Our XCD fridges are specially designed with an efficient absorption cooling system. These LPG gas fridges provide an excellent solution to your off-grid or remote refrigeration needs and will run for up to 3 months on a 45kg gas bottle.

All XCD gas fridges have powder-coated finished sides, which gives you the option of built in or freestanding use. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the whisper quiet operation and low operating costs.